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Oil & Gas Traders

HH Ventures is a Houston, Texas company specializing in oil, gas, and distillates contract negotiations. We have a proven record of managing successful transactions between buyers and sellers.

We're not brokers, we're traders.

HH Ventures negotiates long-term and spot contracts for qualified buyers and sellers in oil, gas, and distillates by working directly with suppliers and end-users.

Our clients come from across the globe for HH Ventures' proven track record in:

  • Finding a reputable supplier/buyer
  • Spot and long-term contract negotiations
  • Discount negotiations
  • Quality product procurement from HH Ventures' exclusive suppliers
  • Refined and blended product procurement
  • Secure transactions
  • Simplified, expedited negotiations

Streamlining the Oil and Gas Trade
HH Ventures offers buyers contact with our company's own suppliers in the Middle East, Russia, and Asia. Our exclusive suppliers are prequalified to deliver oil, gas, distillates, and blended and refined product to any safe world port.

Simplified, streamlined procedures help expedite the contract process. These procedures have been developed by HH Ventures to ensure safe, secure transactions in an efficient manner.

houston oil trade procedure

Qualified Buyers & Sellers
Honesty, integrity, professionalism, and transparency are the core values at the heart of all of our client relationships. We only work with qualified, reputable buyers and sellers.

In order to establish profitable, long-term relationships with our clients, HH Ventures screens both buyers and sellers before contract proceedings, including:

Full POP consists minimally of:

  • Copy of license to export
  • Copy of statement of availability of the product
  • Copy of refinery commitment to produce the product
  • Copy of the port storage agreement
  • Copy of the charter party agreement

Partial POP consists minimally of:

  • Tank Receipts and corresponding SGS Reports
  • Authorization to Dip Test and validate Title Docs at Seller's Bank
  • Copy of Refinery Allocation listing the supplying refineries to the Seller

Products on a vessel:

  • Bill of Lading
  • SGS Reports
  • Vessel's manifest (Flag, Captain's name & crew)
  • Letter of origin from the supplier

HH Ventures conducts business in any foreign languages in order to accommodate our worldwide clientele. Qualified buyers and sellers are encouraged to contact HH Ventures toll-free for more information at 1.888.888.6814.